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  • How to simplify your climbing training part 1

    A few months back I wrote an article about shiny object syndrome and how it’s one of the biggest killers of climbing improvement. To quickly recap SOS (as I referred to it), is the mindset whereby novel training tactics constantly grab our attention, divert us away from our current plan thus preventing us from building […]

  • 5 things that annoy climbers

    A few weeks ago you may have noticed (or not if you stay away from social media!) on our instagram story I asked you all to tell me the things that irk you the most as climbers. Being brits (most of us), we’re all partial to a good moan, so let’s get stuck into a […]

  • The best of all the ROC fest action!

  • ROCfest 2022 – The Results

    ROCfest 2022 – The Results

    ROCfest 2022 is over and the results are in! 6 hours to climb 100 unique problems in qualifiers. Only the top 6 men and women made it through the the finals!

  • ROCfest 2022 – The Next Generation of Climbing Competition

    ROCfest 2022 – Our Premier Climbing Competition ROCfest is back for 2022! Here’s everything you need to know about Manchesters ultimate climbing competition.  Taking place at Rock Over Climbing in Manchester on Saturday the 4th of June 2022. This is a climbing competition unlike any you’ve seen before.  We’ve developed a unique scoring system that […]

  • Shiny Object Syndrome

    And how it could be killing your climbing progress.

  • 5 sources of information to help your climbing

    The internet is FULL of information on climbing these days. If anything it’s a case of knowing what not to include in your list of resources rather than what we should have in there. Nevertheless I’m going to throw at you 8 of my favourite resources (some well known, some less so) that I feel […]

  • Pull ups and Overhead press – The 2 most overrated movements in the world

    Strong statement right? Stick with me on this one though, I’m not writing this just to be controversial, quite the opposite. I love these 2 movements just as much as the next person, and they’re in no way futile, but they’re also not the be all and end all. If the true goal is climbing […]

  • Why outdoor bouldering could be a game changer for you

    Unless you are some kind of Gecko person, expect your first few ventures onto real rock to be somewhat humbling. The grade that you climb indoors may well be significantly higher than the grades you succeed on outdoors. But this isn’t all bad, to succeed you will be forced to learn the subtleties of the […]

  • Strength & Conditioning (and why it matters!)

    I’m a coach (rather than a straight up instructor) so it’s my job to not just spoon-feed you answers. I’m here to guide you, and to help you decide where you want to take your climbing. So here’s my big question for you: What are your intentions? Why are you climbing? What are you getting […]